Hướng dẫn sử dụng của Subaru Forester (2021)

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hướng dẫn sử dụngSubaru Forester (2021)
北米Model "A8290BE-A" EDITED: 2020/ 4/ 15


Congratulations on choosing a SUBARU vehicle. This Owner’s
Manual has all the information necessary to keep your SUBARU in
excellent condition and to properly maintain the emission control
system for minimizing emission pollutants. We urge you to read this
manual carefully so that you may understand your vehicle and its
operation. For information not found in this Owners Manual, such
as details concerning repairs or adjustments, please contact the
SUBARU dealer from whom you purchased your SUBARU or the
nearest SUBARU dealer.
The information, specifications and illustrations found in this
manual are those in effect at the time of printing. SUBARU
CORPORATION reserves the right to change specifications and
designs at any time without prior notice and without incurring any
obligation to make the same or similar changes on vehicles
previously sold. This Owners Manual applies to all models and
covers all equipment, including factory installed options. Some
explanations, therefore may be for equipment not installed in your
Please leave this manual in the vehicle at the time of resale. The next
owner will need the information found herein.
“SUBARU” and the six–star cluster design are registered trademarks of SUBARU CORPORATION.

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Forester (2021)
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